The Mt Larcom Show recieved a grant from the Community Gambling Fund

Mt Larcom ShowThe Mt Larcom Show Beef Section received a grant from the Community Gambling Fund this year to upgrade the Commercial Cattle yards.  For many years we have Mt Larcom Showbeen using rusting old rodeo panels, putting them up each year and taking them down again at the end of the show.

The permanent set of yards will now save volunteers hours of time and a lot of heavy lifting in preparing for each year’s show.  As the new yards are galvanized, they will last for many years with minimal maintenance.

The yards have been built by 13 volunteers, putting 330 hours into the project over two months.

The Mt Larcom Show is a showcase of our agricultural sector, particularly the cattle industry.  It allows the average person to experience and appreciate where their food comes from and the care we take in getting beef to the table. These new commercial cattle yards will help show the cattle at their best with safety for both man and beast.

Our thanks to the Community Gambling Fund for assisting us with this project, and in doing so supporting the cattle industry in our area and the local young people who will benefit in years to come.

Mt Larcom Show