We celebrate our very special Volunteer for National Volunteers Week!


This week as we celebrate National Volunteers week we Volunteerwould love to give a shout out to our volunteer Bobby.

If you have lived in Gladstone for a while, there is no doubt you would have seen our amazing volunteer. Bobby drives around in his yellow 4cc van helping almost every organization and community group in our region.

From the very young age of 13 Bobby has been a volunteer in our community. From helping his teacher at school with speaker set up, to dressing up as Santa Clause each year for our children.

Bobby spends most of his time volunteering for the GEA, St Johns Ambulance, dressing up as Santa for Ambrose School. He has been the help around the Historical Village for 25 years and joined the Rural Youth at 16 and continued volunteering with them until he was 27. But the one we are most grateful for is his time, dedication and support to us here at Gladstone News.