Calliope and Wowan residents have been driven “batty” of recent thanks to unwelcome flying menaces leaving faeces all over their yards, homes and even some people’s water tanks. Residents have turned to the local council for assistance to have the bats removed however are facing a dead end with council advising their hands are tied due to legislation restricting what they can do.

Following media reports resident Amanda said

“How can it be safe for people and animals to live here with these rodents around?! Surely there is a law protecting our health. They have increased tenfold in the past few months. We all know what diseases they carry; surely they can come up with some way to move them on.”

According to the blossom and nectar of gum and melaleucas trees makes up the natural diet of bats. Gum trees only flower for a relatively short period of time so the noise shouldn’t last for too long. Remember that bats are the chief pollinators of eucalypt and rainforests so it is important that they have access to their natural diet so that they can continue to pollinate our forests. Hopefully this is the case and the bats move on quickly giving the residents their clean water and good night’s sleep back.