“The world is hugged by the arms of Volunteers.”

Under 8s WeekFor the last week, our children have had the opportunity to take part in over 25 events held around the Gladstone Region to celebrate under 8’s week. So many families had a great time and we decided to uncover who the brilliant minds were behind the idea’s activities and planning of this program and say thank you.  

From all of the Mums and Dads, Grandparents and families who got to see smiles on our kid’s faces, we adore you for making the effort to organise these cool events.

Our detective work has revealed that Wendy and Shakira from GAPDL Communities for Children along with an incredible committee of volunteers organised the Gladstone Children and Family Expo at GECC. Some of the important names here – Col Tribe, Leigh Zimmerlie, Leanne Patrick, Maryanne Mitchell, Liz Fallon, Marion Hayes and Jess Mulhall.

The event provided the opportunity to meet local services providers, participate in demonstrations and enjoy a day out at a child-friendly event! It was an amazing, successful day full of colour, wonderful activities, smiles and a whole lot of laughs.

Carly Quinn, Teresa Vella, Kim Roberts and Dee Dalton have worked super hard to organise the Children’s Festival program for GECC with Jay Laga’aia, The Witches, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Amaze and so many more activities.

Fran and the team at Gladstone Regional Libraries for book sales and story time, Autism Queensland and so many more local services for helping and contributing to the week.

We are extremely lucky to have such events in Gladstone, but they could not possibly happen without the help of the dedicated volunteers, and we never want to take our unsung heroes for granted!

Under 8s

Thank you