Your Unique Plan for your specific needs

Brought to you by Parent to Parent

In your first planning conversation, you will be asked about:

  • Your personal details – Name, age, where you live, contact details, your primary disability. Have your personal details and any reports or assessments ready.
  • Your supports – What supports you currently receive; including health services, education, sports groups, service providers, friends and family.
  • How you manage everyday activities – To help NDIA understand your abilities and needs. Note what you want to discuss.
  • Your safety – Areas in your life where you feel unsafe or you need extra help. Note what you need to discuss.
  • Your goals – What do you hope to achieve in the next 12 months and how to develop longer-term goals.
  • Plan Management –yourself, a nominee, NDIA, or a Registered Plan Management Provider.
  • Starting the Plan – Ask how to contact the Local Area Coordinator or an independent Support Coordinator

After the planning conversation, your plan will be finalised and you will be contacted by an NDIS representative.

Parent to Parent are experienced independent support coordinators and plan managers.  You are welcome to contact us for a no-obligation chat, prior to your planning conversation.