The unsung heroes of Australian farms – working dogs – will get their day with nominations closing on July 8 for the third Cobber Challenge.

The nationwide competition is asking dog owners to put their best mate forward for a chance to compete and be crowned ‘top dog’.

From the pool of nominees, two dogs will be selected from each Australian state. The manufacturers of the Cobber brand of dog food, from which the Challenge takes its name, will oversee selections. As part of the competition, dogs from across Australia will wear GPS collars and score points based on their daily activity.

But the motivation for many is to give their working dogs the recognition they deserve with competitors for last year’s Cobber Challenge overwhelmed by how much their dogs were putting in:“It’s been a bit of an eye-opener. It was crazy seeing her complete three back-to-back marathons,” said last year’s Cobber Champion Brad McDonald about his dog Flow.

“We started the Cobber Challenge to showcase just how important working dogs are to farms, and the significant role they play for the industry,” said Marika O’Leary, Cobber Brand Manager. “We’re so happy to see the Cobber Challenge becoming an annual celebration of these amazing dogs, who never ask for fame or recognition.”

Last year’s Queensland competitor Liz Miller remarked, “I didn’t participate in the Cobber Challenge to win it. I just wanted to promote the usefulness of working cattle dogs in this industry.

“They’ll give you their all. If a dog’s trained and knows its job, you have everything.”

Find out more about the Cobber Challenge and nominate your working dog at  www.cobberchallenge.com.au