Write On!

To support Gladstone State High School’s focus on best practice in teaching writing, GSHS staff and students had the opportunity to work with visiting lecturer, Dr John Collins, who came from the frozen landscape of Harvard to warm and sunny Gladstone to spend two days at Gladstone State High School last week.

On Tuesday the 16th of February, Gladstone State High School hosted delegates from local primary and high schools, as well as those from further afield – Monto and Biloela – to a workshop presented by Dr John Collins: Improving Student Performance Through Writing and Thinking Across the Curriculum. The day was both interesting and entertaining since Dr Collins is not only an acknowledged expert in his field, as a lecturer and developer of The Collins Writing Program designed to improve writing skills and provide strategies FOR learning in all subject areas , but also an engaging speaker.

Students in English classes on Wednesday the 17th February can testify to this also. Mrs Michelle Hall’s 9B English class (pictured below) happily worked with Dr Collins who worked as a team with their teacher in the lesson. As well engaging in some banter about Australian and American accents and habits, and whether Vegemite was actually enjoyed by Australians, the classroom buzzed with the excitement of motivated students who felt privileged to have the opportunity to learn about writing with the visiting ‘guru’.


Photo:Miss Maddison Ash and Dr Collins planned a lesson to teach students how to efficiently summarise a written text.