Calliope State School Leaders get a taste of Council life!

Calliope State School Leaders get a taste of Council life!

Gladstone Regional Council held their fortnightly Council meeting at the Calliope office last week providing local school students with the opportunity to see how decisions are made at a Local Government level. 

The Councillors welcomed Calliope State School students into their chambers as an opportunity to show student leaders what being a Councillor is all about.  

Gladstone Region Mayor Matt Burnett said it was a great way to engage with the Region’s future leaders. “It’s an awesome way for the students to gain insight into what we as a Council do for the region. It’s also a great way for us to engage with the younger members of our community. “  

The students learnt the Councillors all had very different careers before becoming members of Council including careers as hairdressers, police and tradespeople. Cr Burnett said the fact that all his team have varying backgrounds provides a great example to students that anyone can become a member of Council if they put their mind to it.  

Gladstone Region Deputy Mayor Chris Trevor was happy to share his experiences in Council with the young leaders. “Being a leader is about giving back to the community,” Cr Trevor said. “It provides us, as Councillors, the opportunity to be a part of the decisions that affect our home.” 

The Council meeting was the last scheduled before the region goes to the polls for the Gladstone Regional Council By-Election.