Going Above and Beyond

Going Above and Beyond

Above and Beyond Swim School have recently installed a brand new state of the art Ozone Purification System at their pool in Beecher.

Ozone water purification is the most effective water purification method, for eradicating toxins that are found in water. Ozone, also known as O3, is a highly powerful oxidant that inactivates pesticides, fungus, organic materials, contaminates, and viruses much more potently than chlorine.

Above and Beyond Swim School has been operating for over four years and the staff have always wanted to purify the pool water using an Ozone system. Thanks to government’s COVID adaptation grant owners Shad & Tony Royston were able to make that a reality.

“It’s really good for people who have sensitive skin or skin conditions, it kills all the germs and bacteria that are normally in the water, it doesn’t hurt your eyes or make them red like standard chlorine and it doesn’t have any odour!” Shad said.

“It’s great for the babies and children who are learning to swim as a lot of parents are concerned with their babies swimming in chemicals, and this is like swimming in filtered water,” Tony explained.

The Ozone Purification System was installed last month by the company from the Gold Coast and is the first of it’s kind in Central Queensland.

Above and Beyond Swim School run an array of programs starting from babies and toddlers aged from 2 months through to 3-4 years of age, who are swimming with a parent in the water. They also offer stroke development training, aqua aerobics and hydrotherapy. To enrol in one of their programs head to their website.