Lions Park Roars into Action

Lions Park Roars into Action

Wet weather delayed the original opening, but the newly redeveloped Lions Park on the Dawson Highway is open and ready for action.

The 16 December kick-off saw children and adults of all abilities able to enjoy the experiences they can have at this signature park.

Largely funded with money from the State Government’s Works for Queensland program, work on the $3.318 Million redevelopment of the park commenced back in July.

The park is an Australian first, with a design inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, incorporating sensory features accommodating children and adults of all abilities, including those with disabilities such as sensory processing disorder; auditory processing disorder; visual impairment; Down syndrome; autism; cerebral palsy; muscular dystrophy and; spina bifida.

An additional $200,000 was added to the budget for the re-development last week in response to community feedback that there would be insufficient shade, and it is expected that two additional shade structures will be in the park by March 2018.

Councillor Cindi Bush said: “With the landscape design incorporating 150 trees varying in height from six metres to 30 metres when fully grown, as well as artificial shade, this park will offer both comfort and a wonderful play experience for everyone who visits into the future.”