NDIS – Working With Service Providers

NDIS – Working With Service Providers

So you’ve got your NDIS plan and now what? Perhaps you have a service provider in place or you are new to having funding? 

Here is a quick checklist to help you negotiate your new service agreements. 

We encourage everyone to be understanding of the difficulties service providers are experiencing as they navigate a complex and difficult system as well. Only by working together can we have the choice of services we need AND the quality we seek.

  • You can ask upfront how they will help you achieve our goals not just deliver supports in hours
  • You have a right to have all additional fees explained to you, like transport costs, cancellation fees. additional report writing and scenarios where you may be charged a different ratio of support than you signed up for.
  • Your plan is a confidential document – you can choose to share some or all of it, as you feel is needed to bring the results you need. Only your plan manager and support coordinators/Local Area Coordinators need your plan in its entirety
  • You can make a service agreement for part of your plan, it does not have to be for the whole year
  • Work with a variety of providers to get you and your family the best outcomes
  • And remember, it’s a huge change for service providers as well and a challenge on their systems – if they miss a payment or claim, please let them know to ensure any potential system problems are identified.

If you need help, please contact your NDIS Local Area Coordinator or an Independent Support Coordinator to help you. That is what we are here to do!