No guts no glory for intestinal crusader

No guts no glory for intestinal crusader

We’ve reached a point in time in history where if we don’t supplement ourselves and protect ourselves from our environment, there is no possible way we can live as long as our parents and our grandparents.” – Don Chisholm

The author more commonly known as The Gut Man, Don Chisholm, is bringing his food as medicine message to our region on Monday 16 July at a sold-out event, presented by The Health Nut, at the Gladstone Entertainment and Convention Centre.

“The regional areas have more interest than the people in the city. I do the regional areas because they want to know what’s going on.”

“The simplicity of it is I ask these questions: Are you tired? Tired all the time? Snappier than you used to be? Cold hands and feet? Bloating? Brain fog? Short term memory? If I gave you a block of chocolate, could you stop at three pieces?”

“The majority of the people who come to my presentations have a condition they’d prefer not to have,” Don said. “By the end of that night, everyone in the audience should have an understanding that the condition that they have is only a warning sign to change their direction.”

“I have never seen a condition that cannot be improved by improving your gut health. Your gut is your life source,” he told Gladstone News last week. “There’s not enough education about what you do to protect your gut.”

Don reached an epiphany over twenty years ago after a near-death experience: “At age 50 I had six weeks to live,” he recounts. “I went away, and I sat on a beach in Scotland and started to rebuild. I’m now 71 and I have more energy than I’ve ever had in my entire life.”

Discovering the power of nutrition, Don wrote his book: “Have you got the Guts to be Really Healthy” to spread the probiotic message. With 30,000 copies sold and presentations such as this week’s event in Gladstone regularly drawing 100+ attendees, Don feels it’s his mission:

“I don’t need to do this, but I have a karma that if I don’t this work right now and give thousands of people the chance of a better life, I’ll get into trouble if I don’t.” His often-confronting presentation covers diet and lifestyle, disease, water, environmental factors and intestinal parasites and focusses on simple and nutritious, fermented probiotic foods/medicines and a return to whole foods:

“A lot of what you see at the supermarket isn’t food, it’s a mimic of food: It’s flavoured to taste like food, it’s coloured to look like food, it’s got preservatives, so it can sit on the shelf for three years.”

“When we look at the ancients, all the medicine was in the food, and we’ve forgotten that.”