1500 people turned up to the first day of Under 8s Week!

1500 people turned up to the first day of Under 8s Week!


Over 1500 people turned up to the first day of under 8’s week and Gladstone Children’s Festival. It was the first day of free activities and event across our region and it started with a bang.

Hundreds of families turned up to enjoy the free rides and entertainment.

under 8sJumping castles, slides, horse rides and a train taking tours around Tondoon Botanic Gardens was just the beginning. There was laser tag, rock climbing and Gladstone’s biggest wind chime being constructed.

A highlight of the day was the Trash Test Dummies who performed a free outdoor show, which had the kids in stitches. Three circus performers, who ran around with wheelie bins, did handstands, flips and even got their hands slammed in the bin lids were the cause of some very loud laughter at the gardens.

It’s just the beginning of the fun events planned for under 8’s week. We have all of the activities and events from GAPDL Communities for Children and Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre (GECC) Children’s Festival at Gladstonenews.com.au (the menu bar of our website has a new tab called Under 8’s week, click on that for the program of events).

“It was a great success on all accounts, with 500 more people attending from out inaugural event of this type in March earlier this year.” Said a spokesperson for Gladstone Regional Council.

Congratulations to Gladstone Regional Council, GECC and GAPDL’s Communities for Children for planning these awesome events.

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