More Queenslanders are surviving a cancer diagnosis today than at any other time in history

Lesley King and Lee Thompson selling daffodils, pins, footballs and other merchandise for Cancer Council Queensland.

Today is Daffodil Day, when you can buy a beautiful bunch of daffodils or a pin to support the Queensland Cancer Council and raise funds for research into finding a cure for cancer.

Gladstone News caught up with Lesley King and Lee Thompson selling Daffodils outside Gladstone Square shopping centre in the Valley, just one of a team of Cancer Council volunteers across Gladstone.

More than 220,000 Queensland cancer survivors are honoured on Daffodil Day and this year marks 31 years since Queensland’s first Daffodil Day campaign.

The latest data confirms there are over 220,000 Queenslanders alive today after being diagnosed with cancer during the past 30 years – enough people to fill The Gabba five times.

In response, Cancer Council Queensland is calling for all Queenslanders to do what they can to bring the defeat of cancer closer by making a donation towards Queensland-based research and services.

“Every donation towards Daffodil Day goes directly into saving lives and accelerating the pace of research so that we can defeat this disease,” Cancer Council CEO Chris McMillan said.

“Simply by making a donation and wearing a pin, you can help bring us closer to a cancer free future for all Queenslanders.”

To find out more about Daffodil Day or donate, visit or call 1300 65 65.


How your funds help all Queenslanders, all cancers:

  • $25 – Will help provide transport to regional Queenslanders accessing cancer treatment at a major centre.
  • $30 – Will provide one Queensland cancer patient with expert advice and an essential information package from 13 11 20
  • $50 – Will help to cover the cost of providing a woman affected by breast cancer with a wig or turban from our Wig and Turban Service.
  • $75 – Will help to cover the costs of supporting one patient via our Brain Tumour Support and Information Service.
  • $100 – Will help to cover the administration cost of registering one patient in CCQ’s clinical trial scheme for Queensland cancer patients.
  • $120 – Will provide one night of accommodation for a cancer patient and their carer at a CCQ lodge.
  • $250 – Will provide one Queensland cancer patient with two sessions of specialised cancer counselling therapy by one of our accredited psychologists.
  • $500 – Will provide vital lab equipment for a world-leading Queensland-based cancer research team.