Community Lunch raises awareness about Mental Health

 Welcoming Intercultural Neighbours, Creative Gladstone Region Inc. and GAPDL Communities for Children hosted a family friendly community lunch at the new Gladstone Inclusion Centre with art, activities for children and information sessions about mental health.  

The event was held to showcase services and support available in the region during Queensland Mental Health Week. WIN’s Executive Officer, Natalia Muszkat said the event was an opportunity for people to gather and discuss mental health in the community and provide educational resources to more people, especially those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. At the event, Natalia spoke of how not all countries are as open to discussing mental health as Australia. “In some languages, we may not have a word for depression, or anxiety, or panic attacks. It very difficult to talk about how we are feeling if we don’t know what to name it. That is why we put together this event to make sure that people can talk and ask about mental health for yourself, your family or your children without feeling ashamed or embarrassed.” 

Natalia said the challenges faced by all newcomers to the region are similar in that they all feel a sense of isolation. “Relocating can be a really stressful situation. No matter where you come from,” she explained.  

GAPDL’s Communities for Children hosted their first Multicultural playgroup for Term 4 at the luncheon, giving parents and caregivers the opportunity to listen to talks from guest speakers. A giant colouring-in page also kept the children entertained. The Creative Gladstone Region Art Matters team hosted mindful art workshops where participants could practice mindful drawing and painting techniques on canvas.