Farewell to forms at the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Farewell to forms at the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Filling out paper forms for some transactions will soon be a thing of the past, following the roll-out of paperless applications in Queensland Transport and Main Roads customer service centers.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said the new process would make it faster and easier for customers to complete their registration and licensing transactions.

“Anyone with an existing smart card, including Queensland drivers license, marine license and Adult Proof of Age card, will be able to complete several transactions without filling out a paper form,” Mr. Bailey said.

“You will simply be asked to answer some questions, which help us identify you and access your correct information.

“The removal of paper forms for certain transactions will be rolled out in stages to Queensland customers in this year.

“We plan to get rid of forms for other common transactions, including licensing services for new customers who don’t have an existing smart card, as well as registration services.”

Mr. Bailey said the state-wide roll-out followed the success of a trial in Toowoomba customer services centers last year.

“There was overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers to the trial,” he said.

“Customers commented on the ease and simplicity of the new process, and how much quicker it was without having to complete a paper form.”

Under the new process, customers are still required to bring all the necessary supporting documents to conduct their business, including identity evidence and any other materials they made need to complete a service.

To ensure the accuracy of information recorded through verbal interactions, customers will also be required to confirm the details of the transaction when they’re done.

For more information about which transactions no longer require a paper form, visit www.tmr.qld.gov.au.

Phase 1 rollout (26 March 2018)

  • Renewal of driver license
  • Upgrade license
  • Replacement driver license
  • Practical driving tests
  • Re-issue license after cancellation
  • Change customer details (e.g. change of name)

Phase 2 rollout

  • Issue learner license
  • Issue license to overseas/interstate applicant

Phase 3 rollout

  • Registration new business (light vehicles only)