52 Weeks of Uncovering Kindness – Jayla’s Journey to raise money for Hair for Heart

52 Weeks of Uncovering Kindness – Jayla’s Journey to raise money for Hair for Heart

“Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be” – Unknown

Remembering Jayla’s motivation behind this amazing little gesture…I’m calling this week a cheat week. Do you all remember week 6’s biker ‘angels’ from the Loners SMC?’ One of their members’ daughters, Jayla, completed her fundraising journey raising money for Variety – Hair for Heart on the weekend. I want to share how brave Jayla is and the end result from her journey!

“I just want sick kids with no hair, to have hair. I’m going to do it every year”

Jayla’s goal was to raise $500, cut off at least 36cm of her hair and donate it for a wig to be made for sick children. She well and truly smashed that goal ‘out of the park!’ Her total money raised for Hair with Heart will be right at the very end of this blog post, along with the length of hair that she will be sending to the sick children

On Saturday, Jayla, the LONERs and their families lead the way on a charity ride to raise the last lot of funds for Jayla’s Journey. The bar staff at the Mt Larcom Pub put out a bowl to collect donations, while the guys stopped for a refreshment, adding to Jayla’s collection by $90.

Hayley Pinel, owner and hairdresser from Uber Hair kindly donated her time and skills for the long-awaited chop on Saturday afternoon. Anyone that knows Hayley will know that she LOVES giving her scissors a good work out!

I was there to witness Jayla’s awesome courage and dedication in chopping off her gorgeous long blonde locks. A cuddle and a bit of encouragement from Mum first and the rest is history!

There were only a tiny amount of tears shed before Jayla headed to get her new look tidied up.

Mozza, a club member, committed to letting Jayla shave off his beard after she chopped her locks. He also collected donations to shave off his beard and then passed them on to Jayla’s Journey! That little beard ‘chop’ raised $470!

Jayla and her parents want to send out a special ‘Thank-you’ to the LONERs for all the support and funds raised throughout the club, Mozz for shaving his beard and donating the funds, Pete for detailing bikes last weekend and donating that money ($550) to Jayla’s Journey and Hayley Pinel from Uber Hair, for the ‘chop’ and for the beautiful new ‘do’ that Jayla is now rocking!

The total that Jayla raised for Variety – Hair with Heart was $2700 and a massive 40 cm  worth of hair! Well done you little rock star! I’m sure that the sick kiddies with no hair are truly grateful. You have done such an amazing thing. You look absolutely beautiful with your new short haircut!

Thank you for letting me be a part of this fun, crazy, hot, exciting, emotional day! Jayla, thank you for being my week 9 ‘Wig creating’ angel; I hope to find more children just like you throughout my lifetime! Truly inspiring!