6pm – Latest GRC Election Update

6pm – Latest GRC Election Update

As of 6pm – 78% of votes published. Here’s the results.

Gladstone News have spoken to Mark from Electoral Commission Queensland at 6pm and he confirmed

 ‘All votes that can be counted have been counted’.

He also added some have not been published yet due to technical issues, they will be posting Seaview results tomorrow morning. As for postal votes we will see the final number by Tuesday when he predicts we will have the final 8. However today alone several times the top 8 changed therefore we are not to assume the current results will stay this way.

TREVOR, Chris 17688

BUSH, Cindi 14899

HANSEN, Rick 14705 (CR)


CHURCHILL, Glenn 13681

O’GRADY, Desley 12217

MASTERS, Peter 11850

GOODLUCK, Kahn 11178


STAINES, Alex 11054

PORTER, Karen 10752 (CR)

DAHL, Lynette 10326

MUSZKAT, Natalia 10131

CAMERON, Chris 9865

COUCH, Ted 9809

MCMULLEN, Jody 9168

WALKER, Alf 8790

LANZON, Ren 8846

SANT, Helena 7597

MCRAE, Amanda 7347

POWELL, Peter 6905

THOMPSON, Charles 4324