99 things for babies to do before they turn three

99 things for babies to do before they turn three

A New App has been made to help make Queensland newborns become the healthiest in Australia. The whole vibe of this ‘Grow with Nature Play’ App is to use Technology to encourage new parents get outside with a list of 99 things for babies to do before they turn three.

The Queensland Government has splashed out on this concept dedicating a big budget of $1.5 million to the Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation over three years to support Nature Play Queensland.

Employment Minister Grace Grace, representing Treasurer and Minister for Sport Curtis Pitt, launched the ‘Grow with Nature Play’ and said “This fantastic new App sets out 99 activities designed for newborns to nurture their developmental milestones through to the age of three.

This app provides practical, easy ideas for parents and care givers to enjoy the benefits of being outdoors helping their children learn and develop through play. There are also options to share children’s development with family and friends, as well as messaging functions where other parents using the app can share their experiences.

The benefits of outdoor activity are substantial – namely for children’s health, brain development, self-confidence and social skills. The ‘Grow with Nature Play’ App can be downloaded on both Android and Apple platforms.