A Champion Effort From Toolooa State High School And Kin Kora State Schoolv

A Champion Effort From Toolooa State High School And Kin Kora State Schoolv

The pair have been congratulated on their education partnership, and were named a regional winner of the Showcase Bevan Brennan ‘Every Child Needs a Champion Award’.

This award is now in its 23rd year, symbolises the schools’ involvement and contribution to the education system. Toolooa SHS and Kin Kora SS were presented with this award for their collaborative continuity of student support, and is an incredibly significant state-wide commendation for their hard work.

Around the state, the winners of these awards and commendations will share in $66, 000 worth of development grants that will aid in further supporting their initiatives and programs, having an incredibly beneficial flow-on effect to the students who need it most.

Toolooa SHS Principal Justin Harrison said that their staff are to credit for receiving this award.

“The exceptional, dedicated staff within each of our schools work together to provide our students with real world support, that enables a smooth transition between primary and secondary school,” Mr Harrison said.

Kin Kora SS Principal Jorgen Neilson said that consistency is key when it comes to helping students.

“We are particularly proud of the work we do in supporting students who need us the most, and we keep that clear line of sight on them from Year 6 to Year 12, that brings consistency every day for the child, and means we can match our support to their needs,” Mr Neilson said.