A Sour Birthday Turned Sweet

A Sour Birthday Turned Sweet

Nardiah’s family were completely unprepared for the overwhelming amount of community support they received on her birthday.

Nardiah was due to spend her birthday in isolation with her family without a cake or gifts. That was, until, her grandmother Jennifer Dekker reached out to people on Facebook as a last hope.

“My granddaughter’s birthday is tomorrow and we have been isolating in our house due to covid. Please if anyone can help make her Birthday a happy one, as we are stuck here. Would be greatly, greatly appreciated.,” Jennifer posted.

In another Facebook post less than twenty-four hours later, Nardiah smiles in front of a giant pile of gifts and cards.

“Nardiah would like me to say a big thankyou to all those who made her a cake or dropped off balloons and gifts. Today she woke up one happy little girl.”

Jennifer described how the kindness of strangers has blown her mind.

“This kid has been smiling all day and now has about six birthday cakes, and then some! Everyone who contributed made her smile absolutely all day long, and I read every single birthday message that was sent.

“It’s been an unbelievably humbling experience, and I’m still trying to process it without breaking in to tears.”

Love and kindness are contagious, and the spirit of community has shone through in the care people have shown to this family on a day where they expected sadness, and were instead met with overwhelming joy and happiness.

“I am so grateful for what the people here have done, everyone has been so generous in making her day. It’s a great thing that the community has done for her, and we would love to thank everyone. My eyes won’t stop leaking.”