A Spirited Tomorrow At Chanel College

A Spirited Tomorrow At Chanel College

Chanel College is a Catholic co-educational secondary school, catering for students in Years 7-12.

Chanel values learning, values people, and values diversity. At Chanel College, we are committed to promoting the development of the whole person and to empowering students to enjoy learning and to strive to achieve their personal best.

Dr Susan Bunkum, College Principal, explains that in working together we are able to provide an educational environment in which students are both challenged and inspired to do their very best in all of their endeavours. Overall, our aim is to promote a sense of security and belonging, whilst creating a flexible learning environment that meets the needs of students of different abilities, needs, backgrounds and cultures.

With a committed, competent and expert staff, excellent facilities, beautiful open spaces and expansive grounds, students at Chanel College have access to broad curriculum offerings and an array of learning opportunities. These include formal programs of study, co-curricular programs in the Arts, Music, cultural pursuits and sport, as well as opportunities to grow in the knowledge and understanding of what it means to be people of faith who are called to live out their College motto, “To Live Justly.”

The theme for Catholic Education Week is “175 YEARS – A SPIRITED TOMORROW”

Currently, there are more than 300 Catholic schools in Queensland and Chanel College is the only Catholic secondary school in the Gladstone region.

Whilst the first Catholic school was opened in Brisbane to teach children of poor Irish Catholic immigrants 175 years ago, today, our students come from many different cultural backgrounds. This allows us to celebrate diversity as we work together to build one community which continues to educate young people in the spirit as that of the very first Catholic school in Queensland.

Catholic Education Week is a special time each year. It allows all those who are members of Catholic educational communities to celebrate the work that is done across our state. It also provides us with an opportunity to reflect on our mission to nurture faith and to work to make a difference in our world.