Aestec Celebrates the Graduation of Six Apprentices

Aestec Celebrates the Graduation of Six Apprentices

Since their apprenticeship program began in 2005, Aestec have assisted 30 apprentices to qualify in a trade and some dual trades. They have 20 apprentices and are currently undertaking the onboarding for their 2023 intake for Plumbers, Carpenters, Boilermakers, Sheetmetal fabrication and Diesel Fitters.

Doug Deakin, the owner of Aestec Services, said that this the success of their apprenticeship program is largely due to the huge amount of experience they can offer.

“We have contracts across many of the major industrial sites in the Gladstone Region and this gives our Apprentices the exposure to a huge amount of experiences and learning opportunities.  They gain diverse skills from a wide range of experienced trades men and women, not just from the trade they are undertaking. I know how important it is to have skilled workers in our region, now more than ever with the national skill shortage so in our Apprenticeship Program we encourage upskilling and also offer dual trades,” said Doug.

These six apprentices started the Aestec Apprenticeship program in January 2019, and with the support of the many skilled Aestec mentors, it has enabled them to complete their apprenticeship early on September 25, 2022.

Lucas Fensom – Carpentry

“I started my apprenticeship with Aestec and went to the QAL site and then from there I went to Cement Australia, RG Tanna Port Authority, Fisherman Landing then have been at the BSL site from there. Highlight of my apprenticeship would have to be the range of work, I have access to not just carpenters but a lot of other tradesmen which allows us to develop a whole range of skills. I remember my first mentor Mark Drew, he put me through the ringer a bit but he taught me what hard work is. I believe I got a good work ethic from him. I am really grateful for this experience,” Lucas.

Thomas Davitt – Plumbing

“My first week with Aestec I went out to QAL site, it was pretty full-on. I had never been on an industrial site in my life, but the team out there were really good they took care of us young fellas and went through all of the safety. I then got to experience Yarwun site red mud dam, I’ve worked at NRG site and many other contracted sites. Funny stories, well I’ve been covered from head to toe in bauxite and coal many times unblocking drains and it’s a good laugh for everyone. I would like to thank everyone that’s helped and had the patience with me, when your younger your probably take a bit of extra time the whole process had really set me up with a career,” said Thomas.

Jack Standen – Sheetmetal Fabrication

“I remember the first week I was nervous but also excited to start learning the trade and getting to know the work crew. I’ve worked in all areas of QAL site and done some time at NRG on boiler 6 shut down. My highlights have been learning and developing within my trade as well as making close friends within the work crew. My mentors have always been supportive and wanted me to achieve everything I could to the highest standard. I really wanted to say thank you to Brendan Fischer, Vinney Underhill and Les Nicholson for guiding me through my apprenticeship and also a thank you to all the other tradies who invested their time throughout my apprenticeship,” said Jack.

Drew Kennett – Diesel Fitting

“I came straight from school to start my apprenticeship and it was quite an eye opener at the start. I worked mostly in the mobile maintenance at head office. I got to run the light vehicle fleet for about 2 years working on breakdowns. That meant I got to do breakdowns on all of the sites Aestec had job and that gave me a lot of experience and confidence in diagnostics. Having my trade means I can find work pretty much anywhere. I am currently working as a stand-in leading hand and looking forward to where that may lead in my career,” said Drew.

Thayne Moon – Plumbing

“I’ve had the opportunity to finish my apprenticeship early due to the wide range of jobs we get to experience and the great mentors I have access to. My first week starting I remember it was pretty full on coming straight out of school going to an industrial site but now I’m loving it. BSL is the main site I have worked at, but I have also gone to NRG and QAL. I was lucky to get experience from all of the different sites. During my time at Aestec I have had a few different mentors and they have all been awesome and I have learnt a lot from of all of them and I’m grateful to Doug and the team for this opportunity,” said Thayne.

Riley Deakin – Plumbing

“My first two and a half years was with the Gladstone Port Authority and then came to Aestec where I have finished my trade. I have enjoyed the diversity of the trade, when I first started, I didn’t realise that they were so many speciality areas such as roofing, domestic, septic works, industrial fire lines and heaps more. Graduating with my trade has set me up with a career, having the confidence later on to travel and knowing I can pick up work wherever I go,” said Riley.

Back row, left to right: Lucas Fensom, Thomas Davitt, Doug Deakin, Jack Standen, Drew Kennett

Front row: Thayne Moon, Riley Deakin

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