Agnes Water Pole Art Trail Completes Second Stage

Agnes Water Pole Art Trail Completes Second Stage

Despite not having planned a second stage, the Agnes Water Pole Art Trail’s second instalment has received even more praise than the first.

Not even the shock of costs and a decrease in availability could stop the artists in Agnes Water from creating the second stage of their Pole Art Trail, said the project’s organiser Tracey Lee.

“We thought we had learnt everything we needed during stage one, but we were not prepared for suppliers not having ample paint brushes, and the increase in product costs was a shock too.

“However, our community was amazing, and they jumped right in to help with fundraising and supporting us any way they could.”

The community involvement in the creation of this project has brought the people of Agnes Water and 1770 together.

“Even though the theme was flora and fauna, some artists have hidden away secret requests from the community in their pieces. Two of my favourites are a sneaky alien and a tiny tractor. I love it when someone approaches us and says they found a lighthouse or a spaceship as it means they have spent some time really immersing in the art.”

While some poles were completed in less than ten hours, a handful of artists put in an excess of thirty hours.

According to Tracey, the artists who spent the longest time at their poles were the ones who had the most contact with the community.

“Some ‘pole side conversations’ could be quick, others longer, and some conversations continued into days and weeks as locals planned their morning walks in the hopes of bumping into artists at work.”

The sense of community that this project has generated throughout the area is incredible, with some locals even beginning to ask about a third stage.

“We did not imagine stage one would lead to stage two, we were so amazed at how well loved the project was. Now there are artists lining up and calling for stage three!” Tracey laughed.

“For now we’re just taking some time to breathe and enjoy the fifty-eight we already have.”

For anyone who wants to see the Agnes Water Pole Art Trail, go to for directions and further details.