When does Aldi open? We have the answer.

When does Aldi open? We have the answer.

The hot question around town has been, when is Aldi opening? Lots of speculation has been swirling, people have been doing drive by’s to see progress and we have the scoop.

We asked the ALDI Australia spokesperson when will you be open? As well as a few other important questions about staffing and opportunities for locals and they recognised that we are the only locally owned paper in town and gave us the scoop.

ALDI Australia is eager to bring our permanently low prices to Gladstone. We are excited to confirm our new store in Gladstone will be opening in March 2017.

We know there is strong demand in the Gladstone region for an alternative place to shop and we are eager to show local residents the benefits ALDI can bring to their wallets and their lifestyles. Shoppers can look forward to discovering more than 400 award winning grocery products in store every day, along with ALDI’s exciting Special Buys, fresh fruit, vegetables and bread delivered daily.

Local residents can expect to receive more info one week before the store opens from Gladstone News.

Construction of ALDI Gladstone began in March 2016. Once open, the store will provide jobs for up to 30 employees, offering rewarding career opportunities for local residents.

When establishing a new store, ALDI considers the long term potential of the area and population numbers. We work closely with local planning bodies like council, other businesses and community groups to ensure ALDI will positively impact the community.

ALDI Gladstone will be open Monday to Friday from 8am to 9pm, Saturday from 8am to 5pm and Sunday from 9am to 6pm.