Local Mum claims the most amazing thing ever seen happened in Gladstone tonight.

Local Mum claims the most amazing thing ever seen happened in Gladstone tonight.

Another local surprised with an unexpected gift tonight. 

Warning – this story will make you smile.
Renee was at dinner with her best friend Shaun and daughter Haylee tonight and didn’t expect to be on the receiving end of a ‘WOW’ moment.

Renee said I was getting a bit cold so Shaun walked out the car to get me a jacket. On his way back inside he noticed a present on one of the booths out the front so he handed it to the women at the counter.


Later on the lady from the counter walks over to our table and says, “I believe this is a present for your daughter!” Apparently there is a group of people leaving books for children, That is the most amazing thing I have ever seen in Gladstone.

14102589_1812094795676307_8811995612519723431_nUpon opening the package it was a book called “Midnight for Charlie Bone”. A beautiful story that Renee can read to her little one.

Gladstone News knows exactly where this came from and why it happened. If you have not been lucky enough to read about it yet – there is a secret group of Gladstone people who have created The Gladstone Goodness Project. Times are tough and The Gladstone Goodness Project aims to inject fleeting moments of joy, warmth, and collectiveness in the community. It aims to raise community spirit and hope with little acts of kindness. It stimulates curiosity and encourages moments of reflection….those tiny couple of seconds to clear the mind of the bad and focus on the good.

Its been happening all Midnight_for_Charlie_Boneover town and we are going to keep tracking all of the goodness right here. If you’d like to join the facebook page you can click like on it here.


If you are lucky enough to experience the joy of a #gladstonegoodnessproject then please share your story with us. We would love to make sure the whole town gets involved and can play along too.


Karina Brindley – Gladstone Goodness Project Official Tracker.