Amber’s Sweet Journey: Turning Passion into Confection

Amber’s Sweet Journey: Turning Passion into Confection

In 2013, Amber found herself entrenched in the world of graphic design. Her initial enthusiasm for the job had gradually diminished over the years, leaving her feeling uninspired and mentally drained. However, after a serendipitous encounter with the TV show ‘The Great Australian Bake Off,’ featuring a captivating cupcake theme episode, it changed everything!

What had started as an escape from her nine to five job eventually evolved into a thriving business!

“I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in the world of cake artistry for ten years and it’s been a sweet journey of creativity and learning!” exclaimed Amber.

“I’m so incredibly honoured to be named 2023 Australian Cake Decorator Of The Year as this is my second year receiving this award,”

“While I never had much of a sweet tooth, my love for cakes and baking traces back to my childhood, where I lent a hand to my dad in the kitchen, whipping up his go-to vanilla cake—a recipe passed down from my grandma,” she added.

“Over the course of my career, I’ve had the joy of teaching both cake enthusiasts and novice decorators, sharing the delight of cake decorating with them. It’s truly gratifying to witness my students grow in confidence, acquire new skills and turn their cake dreams into delicious realities. These are the moments that fill me with immense pride,” Amber expressed.

“I’m always diving headfirst into fresh ideas and experiments to keep the excitement alive. I can’t stress how grateful I am for the incredible backing from my awesome social media followers and dedicated students, their unwavering love and support have been my secret sauce!”

“Looking ahead, my goal is to make cake decorating more accessible. At the end of the year, I’m excited to introduce a range of online classes to reach an even broader audience. Additionally, I’ll be experimenting with DIY Cupcake Kits, starting with a special Christmas edition. If I receive a lot of support and enthusiasm for this venture, I’ll certainly expand and offer more kits in the future.” said Amber.

Amber’s dedication to her craft has not only honed her skills but also kindled her mission to share the joy of cake decorating with others. As she forges ahead, her commitment to innovation, experimentation and the unwavering support of her followers and students continue to be the driving force behind her sweet success. 

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