An Update On Auckland Hill Projects

An Update On Auckland Hill Projects

The iconic tourist destination at Auckland Hill has been closed to the public while it undergoes updates.

Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC) is currently working on two projects to redevelop the areas at Auckland Hill. The larger of the two projects will involve a revamped Auckland Hill, with a modern harbour viewing lookout, increased accessibility and walkways, landscaped community spaces, revitalized infrastructure and facilities for the community, as well as additional car parking.

The project received $5 million in funding from the Australian Government through the Regional Recovery Partnerships program, and an additional $5 million funding contribution from GPC, provided on behalf of the Queensland Government.

In addition to the updates taking place on the harbour viewing lookout, GPC announced in July last year that they would also deliver a separate viewing platform over the Marina.

This second viewing platform is on track to be completed in November of this year, with the remainder of the redevelopment works to commence by the end of the calendar year.

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