Animal foster carers urgently needed

Animal foster carers urgently needed

Gladstone Animal Rescue Group (GARG) is in desperate need of foster carers for dogs, puppies and adults, in the lead up to the Christmas holiday period.

GARG Dog Coordinator Karen Uridge said the group, which currently has over 35 dogs and puppies in care, was looking for all different types of carers.

“It’s really hard to say how long a dog could be in care for, as there are so many variables such as the breed and age of the animal, and who is looking to adopt at the time,” she said.

“Some dogs could be in care for a couple of days, others months.

“We need temporary and emergency carers for short-term situations, such as when an animal gets surrendered and we have no room at the shelter, or when a long-term carer goes on holiday.

“At the moment though we are really desperate for those long-term carers; individuals or families who are prepared to open their home to a dog for the short to medium future.”

Karen said foster carers only needed to be prepared to provide a safe and secure home and yard, some basic training, especially for puppies, and lots of love.

“GARG supplies everything else, including all food, bedding, bowls and leads, and we cover all the animal’s veterinary work too,” she said.

This year GARG has re-homed 196 dogs and 359 cats.

Karen said this would not have been possible without the dedicated support and selflessness of volunteer foster carers.

“The truth is there are simply too many homeless or abandoned dogs for pounds to accommodate them all, which is why it is so important for us to have reliable foster carers on hand to assist,” she said.

“We understand some people might be hesitant to foster care animals as they may be worried that they might get too attached to the animal.

“Though it may be sad to eventually let that dog go when it finds its forever home, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you helped to keep one more dog from being euthanized, and you get to give that same gift of life to another animal.”

To register your interest in becoming a foster carer with GARG please contact Karen directly on 0497 292 318 or

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