Trinity College receives generous donations from Anytime Fitness!

Trinity College receives generous donations from Anytime Fitness!

Anytime Fitness recently donated two treadmills and three cross trainers to Trinity College to provide more machines for students and encourage fitness among the youth. Anytime Fitness replaces their machines every five years and instead of selling their second-hand machines they decided to donate them to Trinity College this year.

Anytime Fitness owner Paul Bates was happy to donate to Trinity College after all the support and guidance they had provided for his kids who attend the school. “They’ve got some really good teachers there that really helped out my kids so I wanted to do something for them,” he said.

Paul was interested in helping schools in the area and Trinity College’s dedicated gym made them the perfect candidate for the donations.

Trinity College also has a high performance unit which includes an individualised fitness plan for students who compete in sports at a Port Curtis or Capricorn level (or higher). The plan provides students with exercises to build their fitness level through training for sports as diverse as triathlons, mountain biking, rugby and basketball. Trinity College is very excited to put the donated exercise machines to good use with their high performance unit.

“This very generous donation by Anytime Fitness enables our students in the high performance unit to achieve individualised fitness goals,” Principal of Trinity Stephen Babbage said.

Well done to Anytime Fitness for supporting our local schools and community