Around one in six Australians suffer from some degree of hearing impairment. By the age of 60 it is one in three.

Around one in six Australians suffer from some degree of hearing impairment. By the age of 60 it is one in three.

The most common causes of hearing loss are aging and prolonged exposure to loud sounds. By aging, I don’t mean old. We recognise our eyes age, and we are happy to get glasses, but there is still a massive stigma to hearing, to wearing an aid to hear.

It begs the question why isn’t there a stigma to wearing glasses?

It should be part of any adults hearing health plan by the time they are 60, to come see me and have your hearing assessed. Why? Because early intervention and identification of a hearing loss is the gold standard to hearing healthcare.

Usually the average Australian waits 10 or more years before they realise they need to do something about their hearing. We lead such busy lifestyles and don’t realise we are losing certain sounds until one day a family member or close friends pick up on your hearing loss.

How do we hear? Sound travels through the ear, but the sounds are processed in the brain. The longer you live with hearing loss, the harder it is to adjust to using hearing aids as you need to re-learn the sounds.

I value what I do for my clients, I make a difference in people’s lives. I understand that accepting a hearing loss is a difficult journey for so many of us.

Here is Lynette Cougan who is a baby boomer and her story:

“As an ex-Brisbane client now living in the Gladstone region, Attune Hearing in Brisbane phoned me and suggested I see Alan here in Gladstone to have a hearing test and discussion (free service). Alan and Lynne had just taken over Attune full-time in Gladstone. I was very apprehensive at first, however after meeting Alan and Lynne, I soon became comfortable and completely at ease. They were friendly, informative, honest and I felt confident with their service – confident that I was being professionally looked after…. however…they didn’t offer me any wine (tee hee)

We discussed the effects of my hearing loss and how it was impacting on my lifestyle it made me sad realizing what I have been missing out on, so I realized it was time to do something about it.

Being my first hearing-aid, I was very nervous and apprehensive, however the outcome has been amazing. I was determined to commit to make it work as I didn’t want people to think I was ignorant whenever I was spoken to and didn’t hear. I’ve been back to see Alan many times to tweak the aids to suit my personal needs and situation, which can be quite demanding at times. He has never tired of explaining or re-explaining what to expect while adapting. Alan and Lynne have always welcomed me and made me feel comfortable every time I’ve visited.

Unfortunately, the battery in my aids went flat while I was at work one day – a quick phone call to Alan and Lynne, a quick drive to their office and I was in-tune once again.

I cannot stress enough the change it has made to my life, thanks for everything it has been a wonderful experience working with you both, keep up the good work looking forward to that wine one day oh by the way the chairs in the new office look great too!”

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