Australian Navy Cadets

Australian Navy Cadets

There’s nothing more awesome than doing Navy Cadets. Navy Cadets is a great opportunity to learn about what it’s like to be on a Navy Vessel.

You can learn many things at cadets, you can also obtain many new skills like how to tie knots, how to handle a rifle/weapon, how to sail and many, many more. It’s a good way to build up confidence and responsibility too.

Cadets do many out of school activates too like camping, canoeing, kayaking, sailing and also do ceremonies.

On Friday 22nd April, Army and Navy Cadets are going to perform an Anzac ceremony at the Gladstone State High School Hall in memory of all the fallen Anzac soldiers that have fought for us, they are also participating in the Dawn and Day Service on Anzac Day (25th April).

During the Anzac Day ceremony, they have their own band playing, have three people holding the flags leading the whole ceremonial march and march together as a squad in time with the rhythm of their band.

Navy Cadets is a great way for kids from 13-19 years old to learn responsibility and discipline, find a unit nearby you and come join along.