Autism Queensland receives $10,000 donation from Twin Valleys Motorcycle Club

Autism Queensland receives $10,000 donation from Twin Valleys Motorcycle Club

AUTISM is an issue close to home for many members of the Twin Valleys Motorcycle Club, who earlier this month donated $10,000 to Autism Queensland’s Gladstone Office.

April marks Autism Awareness Month, and Club President Eddie Wust said the club decided to support Autism Queensland because many of the club’s members “have family members and friends who are on the spectrum”.

“There are high numbers of kids with autism in Gladstone, and the club wanted to raise autism awareness to let families in our region know that help is available,” he said.

The funds, which were raised through the club’s major raffle fundraiser event, will be used to grow local facilities, with new therapy and resources to support Autism Queensland clients, and the local community.

Rachel Cutts, whose son Oscar was diagnosed with Autism when he was three, said the support of Autism Queensland has helped her son through his early childhood.

“This support has made his life, and transition into mainstream school, a lot smoother than we ever thought possible,” she said.

“With the already limited medical and support services we have in Gladstone, having the multiple services that Autism Queensland provide in our rural community helps so many young children and their families.”

Autism Awareness Month and Autism Queensland’s Go Blue for Autism campaign aims to increase greater understanding, acceptance, and inclusion of people on the autism spectrum.

You can get involved by hosting a Go Blue event, purchasing Go Blue merchandise, donating, or sharing the Go Blue love via

Autism Queensland’s specialist therapy and teaching team provide a range of services for people on the spectrum and their families, including early childhood groups, individual therapy, groups for school-aged children and adolescents, and school advisory services.

For more information contact Autism Queensland’s Gladstone Office on 4977 9600 or email


What is Autism?

Autism is a complex lifelong developmental disability that can cause differences in communication, interacting with others and experiences in everyday situations.

A person on the autism spectrum may demonstrate:

  • Repetitive behaviours.
  • Challenges tolerating certain sensations or fascinations with certain sensations such as sounds, textures and smells.
  • Challenges coping with change and unexpected events.
  • Challenges with using and understanding non-verbal communication such as gestures and eye contact.
  • Strength in areas such as attention to detail, patience, technology skills, logic skills, or they could have greater memory for particular information.
  • Challenges with developing, maintaining and understanding relationships with other people.