Baffled by the local support !

Baffled by the local support !

If you’ve been to the grocery store lately and wondered why all the branded milk shelves are completely empty, we doubt you’ve turned on the TV for at least a week – milk prices are the talk of the town, and by town we mean the whole country.

If there is one thing we as Australians are, it is supportive of one another, which leads us to why milk prices have been in the media so much lately. The grocery giants are ripping off our farmers, the pulsing heart of our country, as their home-brand competitors continue to undercut pricing.

We as Australians are not happy with this, and rightly so, since these monstrous price cuts are plummeting farmers into further debt.  So far, the Government are trying to patch things up with concessional loans (which still leaves the farmers with huge debts by the way) while the politicians are trying to stay out of it in fear that this issue might ruin their election campaigning.

We as Regional Queenslander’s however are making a real difference by supporting our local farmers and ditching the home-brand milk that is ever-present in the dairy aisle. Baffle Dairy Fresh Milk based in Berajondo have taken to Facebook to exclaim their appreciation to the public, stating “Thanks so much for the overwhelming support for your local dairy farmers. We are being swamped with greatly increased orders for our products”.

Baffle Dairy Fresh Milk is a 100% family owned local business with 100% of the profits going back to the farm. They farm biologically without chemical fertilisers, and their cows happily graze on fresh pastures 365 days of the year. Go Baffle go!

We are so proud that the community are rallying together to support our local farmers, and hope that the support continues for farmers like Baffle. Gladstone, help show the big companies where to stick it – support your local dairy farmers by buying branded milk because together we can make a difference!