A new restaurant has opened in Gladstone Central offering a new twist on Asian food, authentic Filipino cuisine.

The newly opened restaurant named ‘BAHAY KUBO RESTO BAR’ is located in the newly refurbished Gladstone Central Plaza on Goondoon Street. BAHAY KUBO RESTO BAR is offering the best Filipino dishes that are known among Filipino communities around the world.

The Philippines is a small country located in Southeast Asia with approximately 7,100 islands and has a very dynamic and rich cultural history. The land area of the country is so small that Australia’s land area is over 26 times the size! Despite this, their population has reached over 108.1 million which is about 5 times the population of Australia. The Filipino community are known around the world for their exceptional professionalism and dedicated hard work.

Bahay Kubo will be bringing some of their cultural and Filipino experiences into the restaurant. They are the first in town to introducee Filipino dishes and their own local beer, the San Miguel beer products, with their popular brands, San MIG light, pale Pilsen and soon the great RED HORSE beer.

Among the top food on the list are as follows. 1. ADOBO. 2. CRISPY PATA, 3. BULALO, 4. KALDERETA 5. SINIGANG BANGUS, 6. KARE-KARE, 7. HALO-HALO (dessert) and others.

The idea for Bahay Kubo was conceptualized during a casual gathering of family and friends living in Gladstone. A spokesperson for the restaurant, Fernando Castillo said,

“Everybody agreed to the idea of bringing Filipino food to Gladstone by opening an authentic Filipino restaurant.”

The new restaurant is operated by the local Castillo family headed by Cristina and her two sons Anthony and Nathaniel, followed by Glen Macalino and his partner Rio Ramos and Jaylyn Obillos with the help and support from others members of the families.

Bahay Kubo invited a limited number of guests to attend a soft opening on the 20th of January and hosted a grand opening on the 23rd.

The team at Bahay Kubo is excited to welcome the Gladstone community to taste authentic Filipino cuisine and experience their traditional culture. When restrictions ease, Bahay Kubo is planning a cultural sharing presentation, demonstrating Filipino traditions such as costumes, dances, ‘budol fight’ dining and the Lechon Festival, making it a perfect and wholesome dining experience for the whole family.