Be a part of the news today

Be a part of the Gladstone news

Be a part of the news today

Our News Site is all about you. What people in Gladstone want to see and this morning Wayne Perkins inspired me. He thought to jump on dash cam and get the view from the deck (pic above) That great idea inspired me to try and capture everyone else pictures and then we will re-share. We all think and record things differently, so how cool to see this same event from all different perspectives!

Be a part of the news today. We can’t be in all places..i’d love to catch all corners and aspects of the P&O Visit today.

If you go to the markets and get a pic.. add it.

Get a beauty picture of the boat .. add it.

Meet a nice visitor… Add it.

Take a selfie eating market foods… Add it.

Fill out this form and upload pic. Easy as that. We will then repost them and take a look back at the day.