Beth’s 80 years old and can plank for 2 minutes!

Beth’s 80 years old and can plank for 2 minutes!

Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, laughter, greetings and chat can be heard from the PCYC Senior Fit Classes around 8.30 am.

It’s a group called Flights of Fantasy … oops Fitness!

Energy, support and laughter are the main ingredients for the flights of fantasy… Oops fitness. The class activities are designed to encourage overall fitness, balance, improved strength and good health.

The group of approximately 25 people ebbs and flows in attendance, with holidays, travel and family commitments impinging on time. In general, most participants attend two of the three classes per week.

Aged from 50 to 80 years of age, the chat focuses on work, families, news and our community, as each member works on interval exercises in core strength, gym work and aerobic fitness.

The personal trainer works with group to demonstrate each circuit activity and support and modifies any exercise for members who have injuries or limitations in movement. In this way each member can work at their own level and continue the cycle of improvement in a group which is supportive of one another.

Don’t think for one minute that the group does not work hard! They certainly do, as they negotiate each two minute activity with determination. The chat and banter slows at the last circuit after a good 45 mins of interval exercise!

The oldest member is a lady of 80 years of age, who can plank for 2 minutes, achieves on every exercise and is our role model of health and fitness. This lady makes the most wonderful cakes, cooks for special events and motivates each member to keep working at their fitness.

If you want to reach a fitness goal at 80 then contact the group to find out how you can join.