Book Review – The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt

Book Review – The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt

This Western-inspired story takes place in Oregon and California in 1851.  

The Sisters Brothers are gunman and assassins working for the Commodore, who has ordered them to kill Hermann Kermit Warm. 

Eli, the more likeable of the brothers does not have the same appetite for killing as his brother Charlie. Eli is hoping that this will be their last contract killing as he hopes to settle down with a nice girl-or failing that, a trollop will do.  Charlie is not so keen to retire as he enjoys the chase and the killing. The brothers are dark characters, which at times make the story the difficult to read.  But this western is quirky and oddly captivating. The author cleverly captures the underworld of the 1850s frontier, painting the west with humour, melancholy and grit.

Although I read this book a few years ago, the characters and setting have stuck in my head.  A movie based on the book was recently released also so, whichever you choose first, I recommend you experience both.

Natasha Duke 

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