Breaking the Silence: Empowering Women to Conquer Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Breaking the Silence: Empowering Women to Conquer Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Many women may experience menstrual bleeding that is exceptionally heavy or extends for more than a few days.

This excessive flow of blood, coupled with severe cramping can often disrupt one’s daily routine and activities.

Michelle, a former registered nurse at The Gladstone Hospital, a life coach and a loving mother of three, is a true multitasker. She not only juggles her professional and family responsibilities but also courageously discusses her personal struggles with managing heavy menstrual bleeding. Through her openness, she highlights the significance of initiating conversations about this often overlooked and controversial issue.

“My heavy menstrual bleeding severely limited my daily activities. It hindered my ability to work effectively and I was constantly concerned about the possibility of bleeding through my clothes, particularly during my shifts in the emergency department,” shared Michelle.

“I struggled to speak openly with others about my symptoms because I felt extremely uncomfortable and ashamed to talk about this as I believe that this is something that’s not spoken about enough,”

“Living with this condition felt like a constant game of Russian roulette. I had to adapt to it and navigate my daily life, which wasn’t always easy,” recalls Michelle.

“I had always assumed that my condition was just a normal part of life, something I had to endure. However, one day when the pain became overwhelmingly unbearable, I made the decision to consult my local GP,”

“I’d like to offer some advice to other women and young girls going through this experience. You don’t have to endure it silently. There are treatment options available, customised to your unique needs which can effectively alleviate symptoms or even bring complete relief,” shared Michelle.

“I strongly recommend scheduling an appointment with your local GP to explore a solution tailored to your specific needs.”

If you’re facing the challenges of heavy menstrual bleeding, it’s recommended to schedule an appointment with your local GP and have an open discussion to explore personalised solutions that address your specific needs.

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