Bright Future Ahead for Gladstone News Work Experience Student

Bright Future Ahead for Gladstone News Work Experience Student

Lauren is a great writer and aspires to work in journalism.

She soon learned though that in a small local business like Elevate/Gladstone News you get to work in the morning knowing that no day will be the same as the one that went before, but she fulfilled the job description which was simply our vision: “BE AWESOME.”

As well as writing some elegant and well-researched pieces, like her article this week about our departing school leaders, Lauren turned her hand to a good variety of tasks.

  • She showed she could count to 200 sorting our SHOP TO WIN cards into manageable piles
  • Her spelling and grammar are top-notch. She even proof-read the issue!
  • She filmed one of our most popular “go-lives” ever, showing a steady hand and a good eye for videography (and winning us 800 likes!).
  • And perhaps most importantly, Lauren displayed an exquisite imagination and fine-motor skills, slicing up old Gladstone News to make our festive and frugal gingerbread men window display at our Goondoon Street office.

We loved her ability to take on tasks and fulfil them with minimal supervision, her snappy dress sense, calm manner, happy disposition and good work ethic – working for us all day only to commence work on her second shift at our knock-off time, as a responsible part-time employee at Boyne Island McDonald’s.

There are so many advantages to hosting a work experience student at your business, contact EQIP or your local high school if you can offer a valuable taste of the working world to one of our region’s young people.