Business Spotlight : Zuba’s African Café

Business Spotlight : Zuba’s African Café

Welcome to Zuba’s Cafe and Juice! Zeinab, affectionately known as Zuba operates this establishment with a passion that extends beyond the confines of a mere cafe.

It symbolises her deep rooted love for preparing traditional recipes passed down by her mother.

Zuba and her team are enthusiastic about introducing you to the diverse and flavourful cuisine of East Africa and they eagerly await the opportunity to assist you in exploring this culinary adventure.

“I left my home in Sudan in 1997 to escape the war in the Nuba Mountains. The journey was difficult and I spent time in a refugee camp in Kenya, before I was blessed with the opportunity to start over in Australia in 2015,” explained Zeinab.

“I have a background in the health care industry and although I found fulfilment in aiding others in their time of need, my true passion resided elsewhere!”

“My lifelong dream has been to bring people closer together and what better way to do that than by sharing a hearty and delicious meal!” shared Zeinab.

“My aunt was a constant source of inspiration for me. I can vividly recall the times when she whipped up enjoyable and extraordinary meals. Seeing how her cooking brought people together and would leave a smile on their faces inspired me to start my own business,”

“While I have a deep affection for every dish on our menu, our samosas have truly become the crowd favourite. We’ve recently upgraded to a larger location, equipped with a more spacious kitchen and we’re excited about the opportunity to broaden our menu while continuing to share the delights of traditional African cuisine.” said Zeinab.

Treat yourself, your family and your friends to sumptuous slow cooked stews flavoured with decadent spices from the Horn of Africa. Immerse yourself in the colours, flavours and scents we’ve specially selected to delight the foodie and the adventurer in you! So, the next time you’re in Agnes Waters why not pop in and see Zuba and the team?

If you’re curious about what’s cooking at Zuba’s, check out their lunch and dinner menu here at



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