Business Spotlight

Business Spotlight

Sweet Heat Co.

Sweet, saucy and a little bit spicey!

In 2016, Kat and her partner Tom visited Kat’s grandpa’s commercial hydroponic farm in Nevis, West Indies, where she was fortunate to have spent much of her time growing up. It was there, that Kat decided she wanted to share her passion for hydroponic farming with the help of Tom back in Australia. Kat moved to Australia from the US in 2014, with the desire to one day start her own food business.

“I come from a culinary background; my parents own a restaurant in America and my mother is a chef and cookbook author,” said Kat.

“I have always had a love for local produce and my grandpa owned a hydroponic farm in Nevis, West Indies where I was able to spend many summers and holiday breaks.

“I started Sweet Heat Co, with the hopes of being able to grow my business, not just Australia Wide but hopefully one day, internationally as well!” exclaimed Kat.

“I’d love to one day, see more Central Queensland made food products on our shelves at supermarkets within Central Queensland and Australia as well as more diverse American inspired food products that show the true diversity of American food culture besides the typical Texas style BBQ sauce, although amazing, each part of America is home to diverse and amazing flavours and I’m hoping to share with everyone the delicious flavours that remind me of home in a fun, sweet and spicy way!”

“I am very enthusiastic about supporting other small local businesses and take immense pride in receiving recognition for myself and my partner’s hard work. It’s also helped boost my own self confidence and encourages me to keep pushing forward,” said Kat.

Kat’s advice to aspiring small business owners, would be to never give up!

“From time to time, you do encounter some setbacks but it’s important to understand that sometimes it’s brave to take risks. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it and if you’re ever unsure about something, don’t be afraid to ask questions too!”

You can browse Kat and Tom’s products at but beware- they are deliciously addictive!

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