Buzz Off!

By Luke Smart

Buzz Off!

Growing concerns from many residents in the Gladstone region over the town’s continuous mosquito problem. If you have noticed an increase of pesky mosquitos ruining your time outdoors, you’re not alone, with many residents becoming increasingly frustrated with the problem.

When we think of deadly animals, we tend to think of sharks or snakes. But the deadliest animal in the world, in terms of how many people it kills every year, is by far the mosquito. Mosquitoes are responsible for the death of at least 725,000 people every year; comparatively, snakes are only responsible for 50,000. Mosquitos carry devastating diseases, such as Malaria, Dengue fever, Ross River virus and many more.

Gladstone Regional Council is doing the best they can to treat mosquito breeding areas in an environmentally conscious way. Gladstone Mayor Matt Burnett said the council was undertaking routine inspections of council land to assess potential breeding sites. If breeding is found, the council uses a bio-rational larvicide product applied to the larva preventing the mosquitos from hatching.

Some residents have talked about ‘fogging’ with pesticides, however, due to the environmental impacts, fogging is not a viable solution. Fogging is not species-specific and will results in the deaths of native bees and other important insect species. Council Representative Rick Hansen said,

“Fogging can be effective but it is not lasting and we also have trouble with other native animals.”

If you notice a mosquito hotspot, you can report it through the council’s website: or call 4970 0700