Calliope to the Canyon

Calliope to the Canyon

Kara Hall grew up in Calliope and is a local girl, through and through. As an adult, she started working in travel and her love for the unknown and for adventure grew. Recently, Kara made the decision to explore more of Australia and moved just west of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory, to Kings Canyon for work. However, she’s reminded of home often in the beautiful country scenery.

I was born and raised in the small country town of Calliope and until recently worked for a local travel agency in Gladstone for the past four and a half years. Travel has always been my passion, whether I was selling it to my clients, chatting about it to friends or seeing the world for myself.

I believe travel can change you and that happened to me 12 months ago after a trip to Cambodia and Vietnam. When I returned home, home was still the same but something in me had shifted which changed everything; a mind stretched by new experiences can never go back to its old dimensions.

I discovered a new found love and appreciation for Australia and wanted to see more of our country, so I decided to move to Kings Canyon and work in a resort. Something about the remote outback setting intrigued and excited me, it was like a vibrant hope for the Unknown. Kings Canyon is a peaceful and tranquil oasis with a mix of adventure, breathtaking scenery and not to mention the most beautiful wildflowers I’ve ever seen, it’s a nature lovers heaven.

Wildflowers at Kings Ca

Wildflowers at Kings Canyon

If you visit be sure to explore the ancient Red Canyon for a 6km Rim Walk (suitable for all fitness levels) which allows you to peer over the sandstone cliffs and offers spectacular views over the desert. Parts of this magical area remind me a lot of home from the outback setting, milky night stars and peaceful surrounds. I urge you to come and see for yourself how easy it is to fall in love with the heart and soul of Central Australia.

– Kara