Celebrating Easter – at home while social distancing

Celebrating Easter – at home while social distancing

Easter will undoubtedly look a little different this year due to the restrictions placed on us due to the coronavirus pandemic. You might be wondering how to celebrate when the usual traditions such as gathering with family and friends and having egg hunts outdoors with a large group of children are off-limits. The team at Gladstone News have gotten creative to rethink our holiday customs to make Easter magical and fun for the kids whilst in self-isolation!

Easter baskets filled with boredom-busting activities
Puzzles, sticker books, board games, cookie mix in a jar and craft supplies are just a few items you could pop in to keep the kids’ occupied for days. Don’t forget to throw in a few sneaky chocolate eggs too!

 Printable Easter Egg-Change Coupons

If you’re strapped for cash and/or you would prefer to limit your trips to the shops, printable Easter-themed coupons are a great way to give a gift of time or experience. Each coupon can be exchanged for the ability to choose what to have for dinner or what movie to watch, staying up past their bedtime, playing a game with mum or dad, skipping a chore – get creative and tailor it to whatever your kids enjoy! To put these together either find a template online or make your own on your computer. Print and cut out for the kids to redeem whenever they want!

Drop off a homemade Easter hamper for your extended family

If your kids (or even you) are feeling disappointed about not being able to see family or friends during Easter, why not get the kids to help you create an Easter card and some baked Easter treats for a loved one. Hop into the car and drop the hamper off at their front door. It’s a great way to include the extended family in your Easter celebrations whilst following the social distancing regulations.

Neighbourhood Easter Egg Hunt

With social distancing regulations in place, it’s time to reinvent the Easter egg hunt that you would usually have surrounded by hordes of excitable children. Print out some Easter egg templates onto white card and get the kids to colour them in. Cut out the eggs and stick them on your front window for other kids in the neighbourhood to spot when they are out on their daily walk. Why not take it to the next level by involving your community? Do a letterbox drop around the neighbourhood with instructions on how to get involved and watch the Easter Eggs pop up everywhere!

 Easter Egg Cookie Decorating

Decorating Milk Arrowroot biscuits (which are conveniently shaped like Easter eggs!) is an affordable and fun Easter activity. Mix icing sugar with a dash of milk and mix with food colouring to make a selection of different coloured icing. Use a knife to spread over the biscuits and decorate with sprinkles and lollies to make your Easter egg cookies!