Celebrating NAIDOC Week with the Family

Celebrating NAIDOC Week with the Family

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 3.19.31 pmWith all this talk about NAIDOC week, we thought we’d put together a list of activities that you can do to celebrate the week with your family. Plus, with school holidays now upon us, these are some great ways to keep the kids busy while learning about Australian heritage.

  1. Create a hall of fame featuring Indigenous Role ModelsDavid U NAIDOC Week

This could be as simple as printing out pictures of Indigenous role models and encouraging your children to draw them to display in a mini art gallery. Alternatively, older children could write a few points about what they admire of their Indigenous Role Models. Some of our favourites include:

  • Adam Goodes
  • Cathy Freeman
  • David Unaipon (he’s on our $50 note!)
  1. Make your own indigenous trivia quiz

This is a fun one for the whole family – do a bit of online research and come up with a trivia quiz about indigenous topics that your family can get involved with. You could even style it like ‘Family Feud’, the options are endless!

  1. Create your own Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander art

Kids LOVE getting into the paints and unleashing their inner creativity. They are sure to love creating dotted patterns using the back of a paint brush (or pencil!) to create their very own Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander inspired art. Plus, more decorations for the fridge!

  1. Learn the meaning of place names and words

Here in Gladstone we have lots of places, suburbs, monuments and parks that incorporate indigenous names. All it takes is a little bit of Googling to find out their meanings and then you can drive around to different sites with the family and your new found knowledge – first stop: Goondoon Street!

5. Watch some movies

Easy as it might sound, listening to Indigenous musicians or watching a movie about Aboriginal and Torres strait Islander history is a great way of learning and getting in touch with the true meaning behind NAIDOC week. Did someone say popcorn time?