Charmaine Wilson connected with Gladstone during huge show at GECC.

Charmaine Wilson

Charmaine Wilson connected with Gladstone during huge show at GECC.

Charmaine WilsonLast week Charmaine Wilson performed in Gladstone for a big crowd at GECC.

For years she has been stopping into Gladstone on her regional tour and while she has climbed in fame she has not cut out and of the smaller towns on her tours, which is a great reflection of how down to earth Charmaine is in person.

Karina from Gladstone News had the opportunity to chat one-on-one with Charmaine and while her show normally concentrates on connecting with spirits Karina spent some time finding our more about her life and how she ended up on the path to helping people with grief.

Q: You have a huge amount of empathy to the crowd and help coach people through loss and grief as well as doing readings. Can you tell us about how you got to a point where you started connecting with spirits and working with people as a medium?
A: My brother passed first he was only 20 years old in a motorbike accident. I was 17 years old. My daughter then passed in a car accident with her father driving when I was 22. My grandfather that lived with us who was a huge part of our family then passed. Within 5 years by the time I was 23 I had huge losses. I drowned myself and intoxicated myself and didn’t cope well. I then lost my dad in 1999 then my mum passed away in 2006. It was after my dad passed that I started to hear spirits. Also, I realised that people dying were going to keep happening through life.

Q: What have you learned from communicating with spirits?
A: They are really strong and they really want to connect and tell us they are ok, they want us to move forward. We keep seeing them as they are sick or when they passed but they want us to see them as they were in life

Q: People come in emotionally charged to your show, wanting a reading and also maybe being very emotional and in grief. What if they don’t get a reading?
A: Majority of people who are first timers they do expect they will get a reading, by the time they leave they get that medium-ship works and spirits are real and people still exist after they pass away. It’s not going to be the same as before it’s a much more subtle communication you get with the other side that you need to be open to.

Q: Is it different coming to Gladstone to other towns?
A: I always feel this intense love, to see other people get read in a small town where people know each other and can say ‘yeah I know them and that’s true’.

Q: Do you have a message for Gladstone after the show?
A: Gladstone I want to thank you for the amazing turnout tonight and happy the rain stayed away. You guys are so lovely to me as are your spirit folk. Thank you!

What did Gladstone think of the show?

Narelle G Thanks for letting me know that my mum and dad are okay. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about them. But now the corners of my lips move upwards. I was very lucky to have them as parents. Thank you

Janna C Thank you, Charmaine, for an amazing insight into the spirit world this was my first show and I loved it

Barbara R This was my 3rd show and first where I was lucky enough for you to have met my daughter right at the end. You give hope and relief to so many for what you do. Thank you

Adell P Fantastic night Charmaine, I have been going to your show every year. I have one of your butterfly on my shirt. I am waiting for a loved one to come through. I want to talk to dad. One day they will. Thank you for helping those who are grieving for loved ones. Look forward to next year

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