Chelsea takes on Small Business Management Course to help strengthen family ties

Chelsea takes on Small Business Management Course to help strengthen family ties

Chelsea Church has a huge responsibility in helping her grandparents run their family-owned businesses, which is why she has taken on CQUniversity’s Certificate IV in Small BusinessManagement to boost her skills for the future.

Chelsea works for two family businesses – Opal Holdings and Calliope Rural Traders and said she enrolled in the Small Business Management course to obtain formal qualifications. Both businesses have been operating for almost two decades in Central Queensland.

“Opal Holdings is a contract business that provides roadside grass slashing services and parks and garden maintenance for the Gladstone region,” she said.

“Calliope Rural Traders is a rural store that stocks a wide variety of farmer’s goods and handyman equipment. I am the workplace health and safety officer for both businesses, but I also cover other duties including human resources, marketing, sales, payroll and administration. My goal with the course is to learn as much as I can so when my grandparents retire they can feel confident that their businesses will be run efficiently and profitably.”

Chelsea is not new to CQUni’s vocational courses having previously completed a Certificate III in Business Administration and a Certificate IV in Workplace Health and Safety.

“Both of those certificates have helped me in my roles and given me the confidence to successfully execute the tasks that are required of me,” she said.

“Anyone, no matter how young or old can always benefit from learning new things and upskilling. Educating yourself through study as well as surrounding yourself with great-minded business people are the two ingredients you need to achieve anything you wish in business.”