Community Bands Together

By Luke Smart

Community Bands Together

Gladstone locals have shown their love and sense of community spirit after banding together to help clean-up a local high school.

In the early hours of the morning, on Saturday, June 6, Tannum Sands State High School became an unfortunate victim of vandalism.

This sad story quickly turned around, however, when 60 members of the community showed up on the same afternoon to assist with the cleaning.

The group made up of students from past and present, teachers and alumni helped keep the school operational, without them students wouldn’t have been able to attend school on Monday.

The cleaning was not easy, with the attackers removing plants from the garden, breaking multiple windows across different parts of the school, covering the walls and floor with paint, destroying computer equipment, and using rubbish from the bins to litter the school.

Staff at Tannum Sands State High School were extremely grateful, posting this to the school’s Facebook page,

“A huge thank you to students (past and present) staff, parents and community who answered our call for help after our fabulous school was vandalised overnight. Thank you doesn’t seem enough.”