Community Survey wins Mark a holiday

Community Survey wins Mark a holiday

Telling one of our major LNG companies exactly what he thinks about them has been a big winner for Tannum Sands’ man, Mark Ellerby

He won a win a fabulous Agnes Water/1770 getaway for a family of four, staying at Agnes Water Beach Holidays and a 1770 Larc! Paradise Tour, together valued at $1000 for filling in QGC’s community survey at EcoFest.

Once again a sponsor of the annual environmental event, one of the key attractions at the QGC stand was a model of the LNG plant where team-members answered community questions about the amazing things that happen there like: Is the gas really cooled to MINUS 162 degrees? How does the gas shrink to one-six-hundredth its original size?

Over 150 local children also helped create a Great Barrier Reef collage which thanks to their fantastic colouring skills, which is now on display in QGC’s Goondoon St office.